Science, Technology & The Future

What Is Dark Life?

In extreme environments around the world, a new kind of life is thriving.
UC San Diego Biochemist Mark Miller talks about the new branch added to science’s ‘tree of life’ thanks to advances in computing and DNA analysis.

Big Data Is Not Neutral

Big data is not neutral, says University of Illinois sociologist Ruby Mendenhall.
That’s why she designed a citizen science study to better understand black women’s lived experience in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods.

Real time answers for traffic jams

A digital twin (large-scale, real-time simulation) could make roads safer,
shorten commute times, and reduce energy use.

Revealing Wild Cats

Citizen scientists track endangered jaguars and other wildcats across the Southwestern US

What Are We Going To Eat?

Virtual plants for major crops help prepare for an uncertain agricultural future.

What If You Could Sleep on Sugar?

New polyurethanes made from biodegradable fructose could put a dent
in the 20 million mattresses that find their way into landfills each year.