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Calvino Prize


Very pleased to announce that my story, “The Night Farmers’ Museum” was chosen by judge Robert Coover as the runner-up for this year’s Italo Calvino prize, sponsored by the University of Louisville Creative Writing Program.

In keeping with the fabulist nature of the prize, I confess that I dreamed the title of this story earlier this year and then had to write the story to find out what it was about.

Thanks to all the judges and readers, and congratulations to 1st prize winner Micah Dean Hicks for his story, “Flight of the Crow Boys,” which I am very much looking forward to reading.

Author: Alisa Alering

I write stories. I read stories.

4 thoughts on “Calvino Prize

  1. Hi, Alisa.
    I love Calvino and I’d love to read your story. Is it anywhere online? Thanks!

  2. Hi again, Alisa. I’ve recently read “The Island of White Houses” and I really liked it, that’s why I’d have loved to read your other Calvinoesque story. Thanks for your reply anyway.

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