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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


Green is the color of the spring that has finally arrived here in Indiana, but blue is one of my favorite colors. On yesterday’s afternoon walk around town with the dog (who is, sadly, brown) I focused on anything blue*. In some areas, I had to stop every few feet for yet another thing blue. Then I’d walk blocks and nothing was blue.

*OK, I cheated with the hot pink spray paint that spells out ‘lime’, but I needed to have that picture.

Author: Alisa Alering

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. I really like that idea. Maybe I’ll do that as I try to take more walks.

  2. When I was younger I did a dumb art film that was about this lady only noticing things that were blue and then at the end she looks up and is like “oh shit the sky” it was pretty dumb but I had fun

    • Maria, when I was younger I did a dumb short story about a guy named Nathan who hated the color green. He noticed everything green and then he probably killed someone. I thought it was super hot Literary fantabulism. I am glad it was so long ago that now I can view this with humor rather than embarrassment.

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