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6 Things You Might Not Know About Me


Photo: Rob Boudon, via Flickr, CC-BY 2.0

Photo: Rob Boudon, via Flickr, CC-BY 2.0

1. I can read and understand Hindi (speak, not so much) Not as well now as I did five years ago. But I can still write my name! This isn’t much of an accomplishment for someone from India, I realize, but in the US it qualifies as a “less commonly taught language.” When I sing along to my favorite filmi songs, I mostly know what I’m saying. (I regret that this knowledge does nothing for the quality of my singing).

2. Twenty years ago, an old woman in Spain thought I was a beggar and gave me money. She insisted I take it. I meant to save that coin for the rest of my life, because I felt guilty and because I didn’t really need it. I spent it a few days later.

3. One of my front teeth is completely turned around. The inside surface faces out, and what should be the front points back towards the inside of my mouth.

4. When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader. If you don’t know me, this isn’t an exciting revelation. But if you know me now, you never saw that one coming.

5. If I scratch a particular spot on my right rib, I feel a sharp twinge in my right elbow. Without fail.

6. When I was in high school, I used to work at a circus/amusement park/farm/petting zoo. I washed horses, braided manes, fed the pigs, got spat on by the llama, put the harness on the Clydesdale, and painted glitter on the unicorn’s hooves.

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

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13 thoughts on “6 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. This is a great post. I’m surprised no one else has commented on it. Brilliant!

  2. 1. Rotary exchange or some such?
    2. That coin is still out there, having adventures.
    3. Noted. I also know someone with two tongues.
    4. All my friends begged for me to be a cheerleader, but I resisted. High school is a very weird place.
    5. Fun with neurology. How often do you do this on purpose.
    6. Entirely jealous. That would have made high school a better place.

    • 1. Nope. Took my first classes from the USDA, after college when I lived in D.C. Why? All those songs and movies. Plus a whole new alphabet and writing system!
      2. Never thought of that. Feel slightly less guilty now.
      3. Really two? Or a forked tongue?
      4. I wanted to be a cheerleader because do splits and cartwheels and wanted to show off. Always ended up on the bottom of the collapsing pyramid, though.
      5. Haven’t for a while, but checked it out as I was writing to be sure it was still true.
      6. I didn’t mention the long, hot afternoons lifting kids on and off the pony rides. Somewhat less compensating.

      • 1. Fun! Took Russian for a couple of years for the same reason–not that I remember much… Our White Russian teacher loved us and didn’t like to push us hard. 🙂
        2. Unload the guilt!
        3. Two. The second one almost white and back in her throat unti she sticks it out. Tiny and thin.
        4. Now you have your hair to show off.
        5. Nobody rewired you in the night.
        6. I am reconciled.

      • 1. Took <1 semester of Russian in college b/c boyfriend was doing Russian. (Couldn't hack 8am classes M-F). Remember only words for 'magazine' 'apartment' and 'lesson'.
        2. Maybe balanced by the time I gave away the last of my money in Paris train station & wound up not-at-the-ferry-depot in Calais w/ no money? Had to be rescued by Englishmen doing their Christmas wine shopping. Wait, no, that's the giving kindness of strangers again.
        3. Ewwww. But cool. It sounds like something in one of Margo's stories.
        4. It does causes fewer bruises.
        5. If the cats had pliers, they would try.
        6. Thought so.

  3. Stick a question mark after “on purpose,” please.

  4. Painting glitter on the unicorn’s hooves – what an amazing image! And if we ever room together at a con/ writer’s retreat can we have a filmi party?

  5. This has to be the most unique list I’ve read yet! I’m so curious as to what is going on with #5!

    • #5: Yeah, me too. I’m not at all medically/scientifically inclined so I just think, “Huh. Neat.” Have always supposed there are some nerves that mixed up, but maybe it’s in my brain and not in my body at all.

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  7. I love that you used to be a cheerleader. It’s an extra layer of awesome Alisa depth.

    Also #5- It’s called referred pain, or the equivalent. Our nerves go all over the place. A lot of times when someone is injured (in a car accident, for example) the injury is felt in different places, especially when one is having work done (like massage therapy). One of the beneifts of working in a chiropractor’s office is I learn weird stuff about the body.

    Which is also sometimes a drawback. Prolapsed bladder. *shudder*

    • I still like to do cartwheels.

      #5. As you describe it, it sounds like something in an Oliver Sacks case. It seems like it would kind of suck, though. You’d think that pain could at least be dependable and stay in the damaged area. Human bodies are seriously weird.

      I don’t think I want to know what a prolapsed bladder is.

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