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Bonus Post: Native Plant Spotlight

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I fell in love with the Virginia Creeper on a backyard fence today. Beautiful, friendly, comforting, familiar Parthenocissus quinquefolia. Native plant that grows up trees without strangling them, feeds the birds, and looks a helluva lot like poison ivy (and grows in the same places) but is safe for the itch-prone. [Update: Or so I thought, Wikipedia, however, says VC can also cause a rash. Rats.]

Virginia Creeper Leaves & Berries

I love the second one in inverse, too. Looks like science & chemistry molecules.

Inverse image of Virginia Creeper

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One thought on “Bonus Post: Native Plant Spotlight

  1. I once had a Virginia Creeper on the back of a rented house by a stream. One night (during a dinner party, of course), the biggest furriest black caterpillar I have ever seen crawled out of it and through my window. A man at the table shrieked with the voice of a little girl… It was so large we had to catch it in a large pottery glass. I guess that was the creeper part. It was in Virginia…

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