circa 1933

What I wouldn’t give for 95 cent books today. Of course, it’s not quite as good a deal as it first appears to the modern tightwad. In 1933, 95 cents was anywhere from $15.78 to $99.11 in today’s dollars. (Comparing dollars across the ages is tricky, see why here.)

$15.78 makes this yummy new paperback edition of Zola’s ‘The Belly of Paris’ seem right on target with a list price of $16.00 (and an Amazon price of $10.88!)

What would I do if books cost $99? Probably be a lot less inclined to read them in the shower. Because, even though my inner (outer, really) pennypincher whinges about the high price of a new book (why, it’s even more than 2 large pizzas, breadsticks and a gallon of diet sprite!), books today really are cheap and plentiful. Especially if you take advantage of that beautiful & amazing public institution, the local library.