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My Book Cover


City of Shadows, 1992-1994

City of Shadows, 1992-1994, by Alexey Titarenko

A popular game with, well, pretty much everyone I’ve ever known, is “When I Have A Band It’s Gonna Be Called____.” Fill-in anything from “Dog Turd Minefield” to “Kung Pao Chicken.”

This is my pathetic writer’s version. When I have a book, this is going to be the cover. I love this so much it makes me want to write a book just so it can deserve the cover. My other book cover (the good thing about books is that you can have more than one, it just makes you cooler) is going to be something custom by Irina who did the header for this blog. What is it about Russian art? Why is it so good?

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8 thoughts on “My Book Cover

  1. I love this post!what a fun game to play and very good photo!

  2. That is a very excellent photograph and would make a great cover. Thanks for linking to his gallery which had many other great pictures.
    Good luck with your writing.

  3. oooh. I should make a cover for Uninvoked. ^^ Beautiful photo.

  4. Hi, you posted the question about Manuel Muñoz on my blog? I’ve taken a class with him and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. I think he’s a great teacher and writer. I don’t want to post my email publicly, though…do you have another way I could contact you? If you frequent the P & W forums, I’m on there as “found.”

  5. Why is Russian art so good? you ask.

    Offhand, only two Russian painters come to mind, Chagall and Kandinsky — both of whom I admire, especially Kandinsky (but not as much as I admire the work of his less well-known, German sometime-partner, Gabrielle Munter).

    I’m not challenging your high regard for Russian art; just availing myself of the opportunity to learn something from you — so who are some of the other Russian artists you admire?

    • Paul,

      I was being totally anecdotal and over-generalizing. I couldn’t even have come up with Chagall & Kandinsky. I just really really like the photo for this post, and also Irina’s work. And though they are so different, it seems to me like there is something intrinsically ‘Russian’ about both expressions. And, you know, wtf do I know about Russia? I’ve only ever been to the Moscow airport.

  6. Nah, you weren’t over generalizing. I was being too specific. And as for familiarity with Mother Russia, I’ve never been there; however, I’ve been in the Anchorage, Alaska, airport, and as we all know you can see Russia from there. 😉

  7. I love the premise behind this post, and I’m glad to have discovered your blog! Thanks for linking to mine.

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