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Nalo Hopkinson is a genius!

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Okay, I’ve always suspected it, after reading her truly unique SF novels like Brown Girl in the Ring (my favorite, I think), Midnight Robber, and The Salt Roads (and looking forward to her latest The New Moon’s Arms).

I was on her site, researching for the last post, and got all sidetracked reading her blog, when I found something that took my breath away with the common-sense obviousness of it. She says, “As of last night, Blackheart Man is at 79,926 words.  People sometimes ask me whether I find it difficult to work on two stories simultaneously.  Not so much. Each one is a very different world.”

Two. Novels. At. One. Time.

After all the dithering I’ve been doing about the ‘This One’ or ‘That One’. Could it really be so simple?

I won’t find out until after all this holiday nonsense is over and I am hard at work in the new year, but just contemplating it is like a cool breeze. I feel some posts about writing methods coming up.

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One thought on “Nalo Hopkinson is a genius!

  1. What a good way to end a post, the hook. When you write about writing methods, I listen.

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