I’m really, really, really glad “Parvati & the Snake” was published two months ago.

I just watched a trailer for Deepa Mehta’s new film, Heaven and Earth, and I saw so much in the young wife and the cobra that I felt like I had copied, even though this is the first time I ever heard of the film. The trailer even has a voiceover line that’s something like “Can our desires be so powerful that…they walk right into our lives?”

I know snakes and love in an Indian context isn’t 100% original, and in Parvati’s case it wasn’t desire so much as anti-desire, but still. Kind of makes you see how when something like this happens and both parties are well-known, it can cause all kinds of kerfuffle.

The film, which stars Preity Zinta (Mission Kashmir, Koi Mil GayaKal Ho Na Ho, Veer-Zaara), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is, according to Bollywood gossip pages, based upon a real story about a Punjabi woman named Amardeep, who Mehta filmed for a documentary a year or so ago. There’s an excellent article about other influences, including Roddy Doyle’s novel The Woman Who Walked Into Doors, in the Montreal Mirror, here.

I’m sure once I see the whole movie, I won’t think it has anything to do with my story. But things like this make me think it’s possible that are really only 3 plots in the whole world.